What is Custom AI

At the heart of our AI agency lies the pursuit of crafting Custom AI that truly understands your business. We deliver solutions that are as unique as your enterprise.
  • Training Data: Our approach begins with the careful selection of training data. This data is augmented with both synthetic and human insights to create a comprehensive dataset.
  • Models: We handpick AI models that best suit your business needs. These models are then meticulously customized to ensure they perfectly align with your objectives. In nearly all cases, we go beyond prompting and indexing to build a stand-alone, custom model that is fine-tuned to perform specific tasks that satisfy your use case.
  • Measurement: Continuous measurement is key to our approach. We track the performance and effectiveness of the AI solutions against your specific goals.
  • Optimization: Our optimization process involves identifying key performance levers based on measured outcomes. We then strategically adjust these levers to enhance the custom AI models alignment with your business objectives, ensuring continuous improvement in performance metrics.
Training Data
We determine the highest quality training data, leveraging synthetic data and human annotation, augmented by teacher models as required.
Based on the measurement and the target business goals, we will determine the levers to close any gap and improve the metrics.
We choose the model(s) on which to base our customization and an approach that meets your business objectives.
We measure the tangible results based upon agreed metrics, e.g. accuracy.
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