Crafting Custom AI
to Drive Your Business Success

Expertly integrating the latest AI breakthroughs to craft solutions that fit your specific requirements.

Why Custom AI?

Off-the-shelf solutions like ChatGPT deliver powerful results across many use cases.  But your business is unique and requires more than a generic solution. Here’s what sets us apart

Created for your use case

We create custom AI models and work with your development team to tune it for your industry and optimize results, allowing you to unlock AI’s full potential and tap into a wealth of contextual understanding and specialized knowledge.


A custom GPT model is a cost-effective alternative that avoids excessive expenses tied to high-volume third-party API calls. By leveraging a self-hosted GPT model, you have greater control over costs and can optimize your budget effectively.

Greater Reliability

Third party models are often unavailable and your requests can be limited, hampering the impact of your AI solution. With a custom AI model that runs on your servers, you have more control over costs and reliability.


With your own AI model, you can implement robust security measures and data protection protocols tailored to your specific privacy requirements, minimizing the privacy risks associated with external services.

Our Process

1. Discovery

In your free call, we learn about your use case and determine its feasibility.


2. Scope

We translate your custom needs into requirements, identify the ideal AI approach and agree on measurable goals and timeline.


3. Prototype

We deliver a product prototype, training a custom model on a set of mutually agreed training data.


4. Deploy

We deploy your custom AI solution into your production environment, in the cloud, on a mobile app or other framework.


5. Optimize

We monitor feedback and make improvements based on production usage and results.


6. Hand-off

We show your development team how to use, monitor and improve your solution.

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Let's hear from people we work with

MyCustom AI team approached the project very strategically, was extremely thorough in their development, easy to communicate with, and delivered a product beyond what we expected while meeting all agreed upon deadlines.
Director of AI Marketing Chatbot
MyCustomAI team over delivered. The quality of their work is great. They are highly professional, knowledgeable and an overall good team to work with. My team is thoroughly impressed.
CEO of AI Personal Coach
First impression overwhelmingly positive from the discovery call, I hope to take advantage of further opportunities to work with MyCustomAI.
Director of Book Publisher
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